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Using the LoadMaster as a router





This article will discuss instances where the LoadMaster may be used as a router.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

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Should the LoadMaster be used as a router?

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While the LoadMaster certainly can be used as a router through the use of Additional Routes outlinedhere:, it's strongly discouraged, as we don't take into account environmental requirements.

The LoadMaster should only be used as a router in the case that Transparency is used on the Virtual Service. Transparency allows the LoadMaster to pass the source IP of the client through to the real server, so all traffic appears to be arriving at the real server from the client. While this is useful in the event that IP filtering is performed at the server, routing considerations must be taken to ensure that the LoadMaster properly returns traffic to the client. In this instance, it is required that the set of real servers behind a Transparent Virtual Service have the default gateway set to be the LoadMaster's interface on that same network. In the event High Availability is used, the Shared IP should be the default gateway of those servers.


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