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How to set up automated/scheduled backups on Kemp 360 Central





How to set up scheduled backups from 360 Central


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How to set up scheduled backups from 360 Central

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By carrying out the following steps, users can schedule the backup of a single or multiple LoadMasters, in the future:


  • Click the cloud icon on the left of the screen.
  • Select the System Configuration tab.
  • In the left-hand menu, click the network to which the LoadMaster or LoadMasters to be scheduled for a backup are attached.Schedule a LoadMaster Backup.png
  • Expand the Backup/Restore section.
  • Select the check box of the LoadMaster or LoadMasters to backup and click the Schedule button.
  • If a user wishes to schedule a backup of all LoadMasters in a network, enable the Select All check box.image007.png
  • Enter the time, date and frequency, desired to schedule the backup.  Tasks cannot be scheduled within one hour of each other.
  • Click Schedule.

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