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SNMP Issue, Getting no response from SNMP walk.




Summary:  The SNMP walk is timing out, monitoring SNMP is getting no answer from the virtual service. 

Product: Loadmaster

Version: LTSF

Platform: Any

Application: any

Question/Problem Description:

SNMP tool not getting any response from LoadMaster.

Looking at a TCP dump on the LoadMaster there was an SNMP-request message received, but no response was sent from LoadMaster back to SNMP monitoring tool. 

Steps to Reproduce: This issue exists on LTSF series firmware.
Error Message:  
Defect Number:  
Enhancement Number:  

LoadMaster not responding to SNMP.

Issue in firmware version LTSF


This is resolved by upgrading to firmware LTSF to latest GA version of firmware:

Download LoadMaster Firmware (GA, LTS, LTSF, EA) – Kemp Support (


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