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sslproxy: SSL: error reading private key file /one4net/certs/.cert.pem





Unable to access the kemp WUI on shared IP, but able to go directly to each kemp unit IP


Product: Loadmaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: N/A

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sslproxy: SSL: error reading private key file /one4net/certs/.cert.pem on logs
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Login to each kemp by going to the console on the hypervisor or by SSH using the bal user
Reset the ssl keys by navigating the following options:

  1. 3 Local Administration
  2. 4 Web Address
  3. r Regenerate Web Server SSL Keys
  4. s Immediately Stop Web Server Access
  5. s Immediately Start Web Server Access
  6. q return to previous menu
Do note that this will reset the self-signed cert assigned to the WUI and you would need to apply any CA signed WUI cert back on the Certificates & Security  > SSL Certificates > Administrative Certificate section if required.

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