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Probe in FPI plugin is missing





One of the possible causes of missing Flowmon Probes for the new Flowmon Packet Investigator (FPI) recording.


Product: Flowmon Packet Investigator

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

It is not possible to start a new recording, because Flowmon Probes are missing from the list.

Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message:  
Defect Number:  
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Cause: Wrong configuration on Flowmon Collector or Probe side.
Resolution: Verify Configuration:
Collector: Configuration Center -> FPI settings -> set FPI Collector control and data collection port (default are 7001 and 7002)
Probe: Configuration Center -> Monitoring ports -> Global settings -> Packet capture -> set Collector IP and ports.
Set started for each monitoring port that is intended to packet capture.

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