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Block all traffic that contains specified url





How to block URL requests that go to /admin page on a Virtual Service.  For example, if a user requests they are able to access it, but if it is it fails.


Product: LoadMaster

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How to prevent users from accessing /admin page

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Need a content rule to match on this specific traffic and tell the LoadMaster to fail anything that contains the /admin URL.  To create the content rule, go to:


Rules & Checking > Content Rules > Create New (in the top right corner)


The rule itself will look as follows:


Rule type = Content Match

Match type = Regular Expression

Header Field = (blank)

Match String = /^\/admin$/


Negation = Disabled

Ignore Case = Enabled

Include Host in URL = Disabled

Include Query in URL = Disabled

Fail On Match = Enabled


Perform If Flag Set = Unset

Perform If Flag is NOT Set = Unset

Set Flag If Matched = None


Once the rule is created, all that will remain is to apply it on the appropriate service.  Within the Virtual Service configuration, navigate to the Advanced Properties section, click the blue button next to "HTTP Selection Rules," select the newly created rule from the dropdown, and click add.


For 443 Virtual Services, SSL Acceleration must be enabled in order to have this option available.


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