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Distributed Architecture (DA) - every time the appliance detected a new source in DA, it was immediately deleted by the system and the DA cannot receive flow data





Sources are removed up detection in distributed architecture (DA), so neither appliance is able to receive any flow data


Product: Flowmon Distributed Architecture

Version: 12.x

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

After application of a configuration file from a different collector AND before there are any sources yet, the DA doesn't seem to receive any flows and TPM deletes the new source instantly, which then propagates to all units in the DA.

Steps to Reproduce: This issue appears if during the deployment of the DA, the configuration file from the previous appliance (standalone collector) is used. This configuration file needs to contain custom alerts that reference channels of sources that don't exist in the DA yet.
Error Message:  
Defect Number: FLMON-5621
Enhancement Number:  

The issue itself is caused by alert settings from the original appliance - the system tries to use the  channel from a source that doesn't exist yet at the time, which then propagates trough the whole DA and because of a broken interaction on the backend it deletes the flow source.

The issue will be fixed in a future update. Manually, the issue itself can be fixed by following these steps:

1) a) it is possible to either delete all the alerts completely, and then after step #3 recreate them again
b) it is possible to select "Channels = All" in every alert (then, after the sources are correctly detected after step #3, you can select specific channels again)

2) delete the source in the GUI of TPM

3) restart the nfsen on the slave unit. This can be done via this CLI command: $ sudo systemctl restart nfsen


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