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Compatible and Advanced flow forwarding





Differences between Compatible and Advanced flow forwarding.


Product: Flowmon Collector

Version: Any

Platform: Any

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Resolution: 1. Compatible
This mode allows flow forwarding using the UDP protocol with a spoofed IP address of the flow source. This mode is compatible with all Flowmon Collectors and third-party Collectors. In compatible mode, the original IP address of flow source is preserved (that is, IP spoof mode), so the target collector assigns the flows to the IP address of the original flow source. Keep this in mind when configuring firewall rules, and so on.
2. Advanced
This mode allows flow forwarding using advanced capabilities such as TCP or TCP/TLS export, flow protocol conversion, flow sampling, and flow filtering.
In advanced mode, IP spoofing is not used, and IP addresses of the Probes are read from IPFIX field 130. In this mode, a forwarding Collector is also created as the source.
Notes: 130 exporterIPv4Address
The IPv4 address used by the Exporting Process. This is used by the Collector to identify the Exporter in cases where the identity of the Exporter may have been obscured by the use of a proxy.

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