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Can AWS Flowmon installation use the external storage function?





Yes, it is possible. More nuances are explained below


Product: Flowmon collector

Version: Any

Platform: AWS

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Is it possible to transfer the profile archive data generated from the Collector to AWS or other clouds? (Is there any issue with the location of the NAS server in the cloud?) - The only available option is still the same, which is to use a Samba storage. If the collector is able to connect to Samba then it will work even if it's a cloud appliance.


Can we assume that the NAS server can be installed anywhere as long as it is connected via CIFS (Samba)?  - Yes, NAS with Samba can be run anywhere.


Is it correct to assume that, since there are no restrictions on the line bandwidth, the transfer will only take longer if the line is narrow? - Uplink bandwidth and stability will affect backup mechanism and it will not be possible to guarantee any specific network speed. Also the security aspect of Samba on the Internet should be considered, since the Samba protocol was originally intended for local networks with stable and trusted uplinks. That is something that should be consulted with a network security person / administrator.

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