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Only UDP traffic is visible





Possible causes of receiving only UDP traffic on Collector from physical SPAN port in a virtual environment.


Product: Flowmon

Version: Any

Platform: VA

Question/Problem Description:

Flowmon Collector is deployed for receiving traffic from the physical SPAN port and only UDP traffic is visible in the analysis.

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Wrong deployment or SPAN port configuration.

Resolution: VMware:
-Promiscuous mode is not set for the port group intended for traffic mirroring or monitoring ports are in the wrong port group. Check these settings in Networking -> Port groups -> mirror-port -> Edit -> Security.
-For VLAN traffic visibility, in the Connection settings of the port group set Network label and set VLAN ID as All (4095).
-In order to monitor a DSwitch, distributed port mirroring needs to be configured. Flowmon for VMware has to
be deployed on each VMware host (ESXi server) and connected to the DSwitch you wish to monitor.

-MonitorMode for V-switch is not enabled. Please check the Deployment guide for VA appliances for proper settings.
-For VLAN traffic visibility, configure trunk (steps described in chapter Hyper-V Network Interface Mirroring in Deployment guide for VA appliances).

Check the SPAN port configuration.

Deployment guide for VA appliances:

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