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How to check flows per second count





The collector performance is defined by flows per second (FPS) - the number of flows that the collector is can process/receive every second. The article describes multiple ways of checking this number in the GUI.


Product: Flowmon Collector

Version: Any

Platform: Any

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How can I check FPS on the collector?

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1) Monitoring Center - Analysis - All Sources profile - select all available channels - choose "Flows" graph. This is a recommended option if there are fewer than 50 flow sources. 

2) Monitoring Center - Analysis - Total traffic profile - select all available channels - choose "Flows" graph. The Total traffic profile has only two channels by default so it is possible to use it even for a high number of flow sources. If the profile is unavailable, it is possible to create a new shadow profile based on the All Sources profile with only one channel containing all the traffic.

3) Configuration Center - FMC Configuration - Listening Ports - hover the mouse over the port icon to see the number of flows received in the last 5 minutes.


4) Configuration Center - Logs - System activity logs - search for "Nfcapd FPS", it is reported every 5 minutes separately for each listening port.



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