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Only "login" queries are visible for Oracle DB monitoring





Only a small subset of database queries (eg. login queries) are visible in the APM module when monitoring the Oracle database.


Product: Flomwon APM

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

I cannot see any database query for the Oracle database in APM.

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Enhancement Number: NPMD-I-165

Oracle DB is partially supported because it is a proprietary protocol without publicly available documentation. 

The most common reason:
1) 64b clients are used
It can be verified in the APM - Settings - Advanced - Diagnostics - Logs - Select log "BlueFerret" - Filter Oracle DB server IP and search for:

Stop parsing.64bit oracle client is not supported

This verification is possible only when the APM plugin is running on the same appliance as the monitoring ports used for monitoring (VA collector, HW probe).

If APM is running on the collector but traffic is monitored on the probe then it is necessary to SSH to the probe and check the logs with:

cat /data/bf/log/BlueFerret.log | grep "64bit"

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