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Channel modification is not applied to the profile





Article describing the bug in case of editing multiple channels for profiles in Flowmon Monitoring Center (FMC).


Product: Flowmon Collector

Version: FOS 12.3.0 Beta and older

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

In the case of editing multiple channels from which at least one channel is on the other side of the axis. Changes for the channel "Below the X-axis" are not applied.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Have FOS v12.03.00.

2. Create a profile with several channels. At least one channel has to be on the other side of the axis than others.

3. Try to perform a mass operation on these channels.

4. The channel on the other side is not affected by the operation.

Error Message:  
Defect Number: FLMON-6726
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: Bug in version FOS 12.3.0 Beta and older.
Resolution: The fix is applied in FOS 12.3.1 and newer. Please perform an upgrade to the latest stable version.

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