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ADS events are duplicated in syslog





A log message about an ADS event is sent twice.


Product: Flowmon ADS

Version: 12.1 and lower

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Why is every ADS event sent twice via syslog?

Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message:  
Defect Number: FLMON-1200
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: When the "Priority as severity" feature together with "Target - Flowmon OS settings" is used in ADS - Settings - Syslog message, the syslog messages appear in the two categories of messages - "SSH logs" and "Other logs" (referring to Configuration Center - System - Syslog Event Logging - Configure Syslog Message)
Resolution: The behavior is going to be fixed in one of the future releases. It will be mentioned in the release notes. 

Disable "SSH logs" or "Other logs" in the Configuration Center - System - Syslog Event Logging - Configure Syslog Message.

  • "SSH logs" - logs related to SSH from /var/log/secure (default location of ADS syslog events even when "Priority as severity" is disabled)
  • "Other logs" - logs from /var/log/message that don't belong to any other category

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