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FTP connection is not working on L7


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FTP connection is not working on L7.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: FTP

Question/Problem Description:

A virtual service configured for FTP is not working on L7, but as soon as the service is changed from Layer 7 to Layer 4 with transparency, traffic is successfully sent via FTP.

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  • It is recommended to instead utilize L4 for FTP services exclusively to obtain the best results.
  1. To create a L4 FTP Virtual Service, create a New service on port 21.CreateVS.jpg
  2. Navigate to the Standard Options and enable the "Force L4" option.ForceL4.jpg
  3. Since L4 virtual services are inherently "Transparent" you will need to ensure that the default gateway on the FTP servers is configured as the interface IP of the LoadMaster which is local to that server
  4. Extra Ports configured on the FTP server can be set in Standard options on the Virtual service as well
  5. The desired FTP servers can now be added to the virtual service under the "Real Servers" tab.






  • The only scenario that a L7 configuration could be recommended would be when specifically balancing FTP traffic for MOVEit.



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