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How to reset GUI/SSH passwords





Guide to resetting either GUI or SSH passwords. 


Product: Flowmon OS

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

I forgot GUI/SSH password. How can I reset it?

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Resetting GUI password:
Login to SSH as a flowmon user (default password is "inv3a-t3ch") and run


choose "7. GUI password settings" and type a new password for the "admin" GUI user.

Resetting SSH password:

Login to GUI as an admin user (default password is "admin") or as any other user with access to the Configuration Center and install the package in Configuration Center - Versions - Import package

After the installation, the password for the "flowmon" user is reset to the default ("inv3a-t3ch").

Resetting both:

If both passwords (GUI and SSH) are lost then it is necessary to prepare console access to the appliance (via iDRAC or via VA management console) and contact our support. Or redeploy the appliance.

Resetting iDRAC password:


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