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Unable to obtain API key for Kemp 360 Central





Unable to get API key for Kemp 360 Central using cURL in Windows


Product: Kemp 360 Central

Version: Any.

Platform: Any.

Application: Any.

Question/Problem Description:

When making the API call to obtain the API key, an invalid user error is always returned.

curl -k -X POST -d '{"username":"admin","password":"<password>"}' https://<Kemp_360_central_IP>/api/v1/user/authenticate/

{"error_message": "Invalid user.", "success": false}

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Cause: When using cURL for authentication, you may need to escape certain characters in your username or password. To escape special characters, you can use a backslash character (\).

Since this cURL request is being made from a Windows box, the double quotes need to be espaced. The API call will look like the following:

curl -k -X POST -d "{\"username\":\"admin\",\"password\":\"<password>\"}" https://<Kemp_360_central_IP>/api/v1/user/authenticate/

As a result, we should get the API key for Kemp 360 Central:

{"apikey": "<API key>", "id": 14, "success": true}'


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