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LoadMaster in LoadMaster 360 was connected and is now unreachable





LoadMaster added to LoadMaster 360 was connected and is now unreachable


Product: Kemp360

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

LoadMaster HA pair was previously connected in LoadMaster 360, device is now unreachable.

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Cause: Need to reestablish API connection between the LoadMaster and LoadMaster 360.
  • In the LoadMaster, delete the "visionro" user within System Configuration > System Administration > User Management > "Delete" for user visionro

  • Update the bal password for the LoadMaster in LoadMaster 360 by navigating to Infrastructure > Device Inventory > select the LoadMaster having issues > Edit > Enter the bal password > Click Update.

  • It will take roughly 2 minutes for the status to update from "Unreachable" to "Healthy" within LoadMaster 360.
Workaround: Delete the LoadMaster from LoadMaster 360 and add it again.

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