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ADS Syslog messages via TCP protocol.





The sending of ADS Syslog messages via TCP protocol.


Product: Floamon ADS

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Is it possible to send the syslog messages from the ADS plugin via TCP protocol?

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Cause: The settings of the Syslog messages in ADS are only via the Syslog UDP sender.
Resolution: When configuring Syslog messages in the ADS, it is possible to choose "Flowmon OS settings" instead of "Syslog UDP sender"

In this case, the servers defined in Configuration Center > System > System Settings > Syslog event logging will be used. The servers in the Configuration Center are defined using IP address, port, and protocol (UDP/TCP).

ADS syslog messages are sent as a "local6" syslog facility. This facility is represented by the "SSH logs" category in Configuration Center - System - Syslog Event Logging - Configure Syslog message. So, enabling the "SSH logs" category is necessary. Without it, no ADS events are sent.

Notes: When "SSH logs" are enabled, you might also see other messages (logs from /var/log/secure related to the SSH). It is currently impossible to avoid them, so they must be filtered out on the syslog server.

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