LoadMaster firmware; 32 or 64-bit

Different LoadMasters require different firmware to operate properly. Some units will work with a 32-bit patch, meanwhile other units will only work with a 64-bit patch. The firmware version of the unit to be upgraded will determine which patch architect to choose. Refer to the lists below to find out what firmware versions apply to what units.

The LoadMaster operating system (LMOS) transitioned to 64bit only with the availability of the 7.2.36 release (November 2016) . 32bit platforms are supported with the LTS (Long Term Stable) release which is maintained to include vulnerability mitigation's and bug fixes


32 bit OS - Physical Units: 

  • LM-1500
  • LM-2000
  • LM-DR
  • LM-Exchange
  • LM-GEO
  • LM-2200
  • LM-2500

64 bit OS - Physical Units:

  • LM-2400
  • LM-2600
  • LM-3000
  • LM-3500
  • LM-3600
  • LM-4000
  • LM-5000
  • LM-5300
  • LM-5400
  • LM-5500
  • LM-5600


32 bit OS - Virtual Units:

  • VLM-100
  • VLM-1000
  • VLM-DR


64 bit OS - Virtual Units:

  • VLM-200
  • VLM-2000
  • VLM-5000
  • VLM-10G
  • VLM-trial
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Want to inquire about LM-2400 lb. I know end of life is coming. When and how long will Kemp supply support and firmware updates for them?

Simone Signorini


LM 2400 is end of sale since April/2016.

Hardware Support
Spares, refurbished replacement units or replacement parts for hardware will be available for a period of 5 years from the end-of-sale date. KEMP will provide spares and replacement units in accordance with our Return Materials Authorization (RMA) process.

OS Software Support
For the Operating Systems Software, for the five years following the end-of-sale date, KEMP will provide bug fixes, maintenance releases, workarounds, or patches for critical bugs reported. Note: it may be necessary to use software upgrade release to correct a reported problem.