How to enable SNMP and use the MIBs for Monitoring the LoadMaster

Configuring SNMP on the LoadMaster

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) can be used to monitor the LoadMaster, for example CPU load and statistics.


To enable SNMP on the LoadMaster, follow the steps below in the Web User Interface (WUI):

  1. In the main menu, select System Configuration > Logging Options > SNMP Options.

  2. Select Enable SNMP.

  3. Enter the IP address or hostname of the SNMP server in the SNMP Clients text box.

  4. Next, add the Community String. This can be set to public if open to all, or to a private string name.

  5. In the Contact text box, enter the username of the contact person who has the management information, for example KEMP Support.

  6. Enter the device Location, for example Ireland.

  7. Choose whether to Enable SNMP Traps or not. When enabled, this will display two additional text boxes: SNMP Trap Sink1 and SNMP Trap Sink2. SNMP Trap Sink1 is related to SNMP v1 and Sink2 is related to SNMPv2. These options allow the user to specify a list of hosts to which a SNMPv1 or v2 trap will be sent when a trap is created.


Downloading & Using the MIBs


The LoadMaster has custom Management Information Bases (MIBs) which are available for download here

These can then be imported to your favorite monitoring tool. Each major revision of firmware has specific Object Identifiers (OIDs) so be sure you are using the correct MIB bundle for the firmware you are running.

After importing the MIBs you will notice there are a few groups of OIDs. The grouping of OIDs under the ipvs folder will provide information concerning Layer 4 Virtual Services.



Alternately, if you have configured Layer 7 Virtual Services, you should look through the b100 grouped OIDs.



Also, if you would like to monitor the general properties and settings of the LoadMaster, feel free to view the OIDs within the b100-0 grouping.


Almost any piece of information can be pulled from the LoadMaster using SNMP.  The key is determining which OID(s) you would like to track. 

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Peter Bollwerk

Is there a sensor for hardware memory use? Or CPU?

Derek Kiely

You can use standard Linux MIBs for this.

Josef Overton

How about FAN and Power Supply ? Do you use standard traps for notification of failure?


Can these be used for virtualized product line?

Derek Kiely

Yes these MIB's can be used for Virtual LoadMaster