Content Switching

The LoadMaster series of load balancers supports content switching, which is sometimes referred to a URL switching. This allows the LoadMaster to direct specific requests to specific Real Servers based on the contents of the requested URL. 

For example, if you have two groups of servers; one group to serve images and the other to serve all other content - you can create content rules to separate these two classes of request.

 Any URL that includes /images in it, such as “” or “” would be directed to server 3 and 4, while anything else would be directed to server 1 and 2.

This can be very useful if you have servers that perform different functions (application servers, static content servers, mapping servers, specialized content generation servers, etc.) that must all be served from the same general hostname (e.g.,

For further information on content switching, including instructions on how to add rules, refer to the Content Rules Feature Description document.

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