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Can't RDP to Real Servers when Default Gateways is set to LoadMaster

If you have a one-arm setup, disable Server Network Address Translation (SNAT). This will allow you to access your Real Servers via RDP.

If you are operating in one-arm mode, this problem may be caused by a feature interaction with Server Network Address Translation (SNAT). Since SNAT is never needed in one-arm situations, try turning this feature off in the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI) by going to System Configuration > Miscellaneous Options > Network Options and removing the tick from Enable Server NAT. This controls whether the LoadMaster NATs connections, using it as a default gateway. This can be necessary in two-armed configurations but it generally causes a problem in one-arm deployments.

If you are operating in two-arm mode, you may need to set up routing to use the LoadMaster to reach the server subnet. Alternatively you can use LoadMaster to forward traffic for the desired ports using a Virtual Service for each server.

To disable SNAT follow the steps below in the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI):

  1. In the main menu, select System Configuration > Miscellaneous Options > Network Options.

  2. Remove the tick from the Enable Server NAT check box.


If you have a two-arm setup, create an RDP Virtual Service:

  1. In the main menu of the WUI, select the Virtual Services option.

  2. Select View/Modify Services.

  3. Click the Add New button.

  4. Create a Virtual Service on port 3389.

  5. Add the Real Server that you want to access.

After this Virtual Service has been created you will be able to access the Real Server via RDP.

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