How to use the Kemp LoadMaster TCP dump feature

A TCP dump can be performed from the Web User Interface (WUI) or by using console to access the LoadMaster command line.

In the WUI:

  1. Go to System Configuration > Logging Options > System Log Files.
  2. Select Debug Options.
  3. Under TCP dump Interface select the Interface to be monitored.
  4. Enter the IP Address to be monitored (optional).
  5. Enter the Port to be monitored (optional).
  6. Click Start > Reproduce the issue (this is limited to 10,000 packets).
  7. Click Stop.
  8. Click Download to save the TCP dump to a computer.


In the console, a TCP dump can be performed by navigating to the following path:

  1. Type 7 – Utilities
  2. Type 9 – Diagnostics
  3. Type 9 - Diagnostic Shell


Then, at the % prompt type tcpdump.


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