LoadMaster HA Lights

The real time status of a HA pair can be obtained by examining the two colored indicators on the header of your WUI display. The first square is the HA1 appliance and the second square is the indicator for the HA2 appliance. When correctly configured, the two indicators should be colored green. This should be true for all WUIs (HA Shared IP, HA1, and HA2).  

If one of the indicators displays a yellow 'X' with a red background, the LoadMaster is having difficulties contacting its partner. Generally this is due to an error with a configuration on an interface that is used for HA health checks. In a small portion of cases where the LoadMasters cannot communicate to one another, you may need to contact Technical Support for further diagnostic assistance.

If one of these indicators is blue, there may be problems with that device. Please contact Technical Support for assistance. You can contact support by navigating to this link http://kemptechnologies.com/en/load-balancing-support/kemp-support

From firmware versions 7.0-10 and above, clicking on these colored boxes will bring you to the IP address of the HA LoadMaster.

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