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Sorry Server on the LoadMaster

The sorry server option on the LoadMaster redirects all traffic to that server if all other Real Servers on that Virtual Service fail the health check. To set up a sorry server, follow the steps below in the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI):

  1. In the main menu, select Virtual Services.

  2. Select View/Modify Services.

  3. Click the Modify button on the relevant Virtual Service.

  4. Expand the Advanced Properties section.

  5. Enter the IP address of the server in the “Sorry” Server text box.

  6. Enter the relevant Port.

  7. Click the Set Server Address button.

Once the sorry server is applied, if all of the Real Servers fail the health check, the Status of the Virtual Service in the View/Modify Services screen will be Sorry. Also, all traffic will flow to the Sorry Server. Health checking is not performed on the Sorry Server.

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What are the exact requirements for the "Sorry" Server? Is it required to have the Default Gateway set to the LB IP address and therefore does the "Sorry" Server have to be on the subnet?



Stefan Klotz

Hi Thomas,
seems to be the case as I'm also playing around with this option and it's not working. From a "transparency" perspective I would assume the LM will use the same settings as for the RS, but that's not the case. My VS is configured with SOR, means SNAT will be done with a LM-IP from the server subnet, but traffic towards the sorry-server is SNATed with the VS-IP.
Is this a bug or can someone please provide more detailed information here?