When adding 10 VMXNET3 NICs to a VLM in VMware, the order is wrong

When adding a large number of VMXNET3 Network Interface Controllers (NICs) to a Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) in VMware, the order of the interfaces on the Web User Interface (WUI) does not correspond with the order of the interfaces in machine setting, for example:

NIC 1: eth2
NIC 2: eth5
NIC 3: eth8
NIC 4: eth0
NIC 5: eth3
NIC 6: eth6
NIC 7: eth9
NIC 8: eth1
NIC 9: eth4
NIC 10:eth7

This order has been observed in all cases. It does not matter if the NICs are added before licensing or if they are added later.

eth0 always corresponds to NIC4.

This behaviour does not affect e1000 NICs.

This is a VMware issue and nothing to do with the KEMP LoadMaster. For further information, please refer to the following articles:





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