Disabling SSLv3

The check boxes in the Supported Protocols section allow you to specify which protocols should be supported by the Virtual Service. Prior to disabling SSLv3 you must ensure that ALL clients and servers support TLS 1.x. This includes support for the specific ciphers set in the Assigned Ciphers list.

To disable SSLv3, please follow:-

  1. In the main menu, select Virtual Services > View/Modify Services.
  2. Click the Modify button on the relevant Virtual Service.
  3. Expand the SSL Properties section > Supported Protocols.
  4. Un-Select the checkbox for SSLv3.
  5. SSLv3 is now Disabled.

Note. Selection of protocols and Ciphers was not available on firmware versions prior to 7.0-12.

Note. SSLv3 was enabled by default in firmware version 7.1-28a. Firmware version 7.1-30, TLS1.0, TLS1.1 & TLS1.2 protocols were enabled by default and SSLv3 was disabled. Firmware Version and above, only protocols TLS1.1 & TLS1.2 are now enabled by default.



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