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How to Enable WUI access for multiple interfaces

To enable Web User Interface (WUI) access from multiple interfaces, follow the steps below in the LoadMaster WUI:

  1. In the main menu, go to Certificate & Security > Remote Access.
  2. Ensure that the Allow Web Administrative Access check box is selected.
  3. Select the Allow Multi Interface Access check box.
  4. In the main menu, select the link to the interface which you want to enable WUI access on.
  5. Select the Allow Administrative WUI Access check box.

When both of these options are enabled, the WUI can be accessed from the IP address of the relevant interface(s) and any Additional addresses configured for that interface.

Note: There is only one interface attached to all of these addresses, so there may be issues with this unless the certificate used is a wildcard certificate. More information on certificates can be found here.

Note: There is a maximum of 64 network interfaces that can be tracked, and there is a maximum of 1024 total addresses that the system will listen to.

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