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How to Upgrade the LoadMaster Firmware via FTP

There are some requirements that are needed before it is possible to upgrade the LoadMaster firmware via FTP:

  • Putty needs to be installed
  • A working FTP server must be in place
  • Port 21 must be open on the firewall (or the firewall needs to be temporarily disabled)

 To update the LoadMaster using FTP, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a folder on the Desktop. Store the firmware patch in this folder.
  2. Run the FTP server.
  3. Add the folder from Step 1 to allow share permissions.
  4. On the FTP server, create a username and password to allow access to the shared folder.
  5. Connect to the LoadMaster via SSH (using Putty).
  6. Log in to the LoadMaster.
  7. Select options 7 Utilities > 1 Software Upgrade > 1 Install Update.
  8. Enter the IP address of the FTP server.
  9. Enter the Username and Password you set up on the FTP server.
  10. Then, enter the name of the file. It must be the correct name and extension, for example 7.0-Patch-LM3500-3600-5300-5500-VLM200-2000-5000.bin.
  11. Enter the Password.

The LoadMaster will now update to the selected patch.