ESP - What is the Edge Security Pack (ESP)?

The KEMP Edge Security Pack (ESP) pack delivers a solution using the KEMP LoadMaster line of load balancers to customers who would have previously deployed Microsoft’s Threat Management Gateway (TMG) to publish their Microsoft applications.

The KEMP ESP offers the following key features:

  • End point authentication for pre-auth
  • Persistent logging and reporting for user logging
  • Single Sign On (SSO) across Virtual Services
  • LDAP authentication from the LoadMaster to the Active Directory
  • Basic and form-based authentication communication from a client to the LoadMaster

For more information, including steps on how to configure ESP, refer to the ESP Feature Description document.


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Sultan Rayes

I need to publish Exchange 2013 Servers in high secure approach .
Does ESP include WAF(Web Application Filter) i.e. doing HTTP request filtering ? or it should I activated AFP separately?