Real Server Health Check Parameters

In addition to setting the type of health check to perform on a per Virtual Service basis, administrators have the ability to specify health check parameters by selecting Rules & Checking > Check Parameters in the main menu of the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI).

From here you can modify your Real Server Check Interval, Connect Timeout and Retry Count. These govern how aggressively the LoadMaster checks the server health. If you are experiencing server “flapping” where Real Servers are marked as down but immediately return to service, it is recommended that you increase these values to accommodate your servers.

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When it uses the resource based scheduling, Adaptive Parameters appears on the Check Parameters page.
If the response of adaptive request would not return, does LoadMaster judge the real server down?
In this case, the scheduling priority of this real server would be low and the server down is recognized by check parameter sequence, I think.
Is this correct?