Setting LoadMaster WUI to a different IP address

By default, the eth0 address is the address selected for the LoadMaster web management page (or the shared IP address in a HA pair). To change this address, you must have at least one other interface configured with an IP address. To change the address, follow the steps below in the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI):

  1. In the main menu, select Certificates & Security> Remote Access.

  2. In the Allow Web Administrative Access drop-down list, select the IP Address of the interface to use for WUI Management.

  3. Click OK.

Once this is selected, the client will lose connection to the WUI management page as the old IP address has been changed to the new IP address. The WUI management page is now accessible over the new IP address on the other interface.

There is also an option in the Remote Access screen to change the port that the WUI is accessed over. This will require a reboot to apply the setting.

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Not helpfull the option doesnt even exist for me

Oliver Radcliffe

Just in case it's helpful to you, infra.ict, I found the setting in Certificates & Security, Remote Access. I was also a little confused but it looks like the older version of webUI had this in the place mentioned above.