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How to Add additional Interface to a Virtual loadMaster(VLM)

When first deploying a VLM, each VLM has two interfaces, eth0 and eth1. To add more interfaces on a VLM, extra Network Interface Cards (NICs) need to be added to your VLM machine. The steps to add a NIC depends on which platform you are using, for example VMware or Hyper-V.

The general process of adding extra NICs is as follows:

  1. Power down the VLM.
  2. Edit the configuration of your VLM machine.
  3. Add the number of NICs you want and assign static MAC addresses to the NICs.
  4. Power on the machine.

When the VLM machine powers up, the VLM will have extra interfaces.

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Information Technology

Our VLM via your OVF file contained only 1 interface, not 2 as indicated.



Trevor Christie

I tried this and as happened to me once before with MAC addresses, my VLM became inaccessible on all but the eth0 interface. I assume licensing was reset it. Thank goodness for snapshots!


UPDATE: There is a bug? that when adding more than 3 vmxnet NICs to a Linux VM (and therefore VLM) that the new NIC becomes eth0, thereby clobbering the licensing of the VLM. I contacted support and they suggested using E1000 adapters for new NICs beyond the existing 4 i had already configured. This worked as expected.