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LDAP Authentik server support





Statement regarding support of LDAP Authentik server.


Product: FOS

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Flowmon has only two options in GUI to set server type: ActiveDirectory or OpenLDAP.
Authentik uses user filter object (objectClass=user) or (objectClass=posixAccount).
Flowmon use: (objectClass=person)
Is possible to change user filter object?

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Cause: Unsupported filter object.
Resolution: Values (objectClass=user) or (objectClass=posixAccount) for objectClass are not supported by Flowmon.
Ensure that your group entries contain the attribute "objectClass" with the value set either to "groupofuniquenames" or to "groupofnames" and that every account entry contains the attribute "objectClass" with the value set to "person".


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