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X-Forwarding-For and IIS logging for non-transparent services

Logging client IP for non-transparent services through X-Forwarded-For for IIS Server 7 and up.


For non-transparent services where client IP logging is required on a webserver, X-Forwarded-For+(Via) can be configured under Advanced Options of the appropriate virtual service:


Note: This only works for http/https traffic.

The IIS Server has to be configured accordingly.

Advanced Logging will have to be installed and downloaded for this to work:


 After installing the Advanced Logging Feature, go to the IIS Manager:

Navigate to the appropriate website, select Advanced Logging and Open Feature.


Click Edit Logging Fields and Add Field


Field ID, a friendly name

Category, Default

Source type, Request Header

Source name, x-forwarded-for (syntax important)


Then click Add Log Definition in the Actions Pane

Give a name to the new definition (no spaces)

Click Select Field under Selected Fields:


Select your new rule from the list:


Click OK and Apply in the Action pane. When you now click Return to Advanced Logging, the new rule will appear:


Now generate some log traffic by navigating to the website and hitting refresh a few times.

Go to your location for advanced logfiles and look for the new logfiles and open.

The default location is LocalDisc>intetpub>logs>AdvancedLogs>Default Web Site.


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R Brown

If you are using Microsoft IIS 8.5, I highly recommend using "Enhanced Logging". Please reference this link for more detail -