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Creating multiple profiles via Flowmon API





Flowmon API: Issue with Creating Multiple Profiles


Product: Flowmon

Version: Any

Platform: Any

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Does the Flowmon API allow the creation of multiple profiles using a single API request?

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In short, it is not possible

Flowmon API follows the rules and the standards of the GUI, where it is also possible to create only one profile at the time. To create multiple profiles via API, the user needs to send out a new API request for each. It is recommended to define some delay between each request so the system has enough time to process them, as the profile creation could represent load on the system.


Another option would be to correctly modify the XML file (the configuration file), but that would need to be done perfectly without any syntax errors, otherwise it could break the configuration file. We recommend using the API, which can either handle wrong syntax, or it just won't parse the request.


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