How do I customize the ESP login form?

It is possible to create your own SSO image set in order to customize the look and feel of the
ESP Form Based login form.

To customize an SSO image set, download the template .tar file, update it as needed and then upload it to the LoadMaster. 

For instructions and guidelines on how to modify the .tar file correctly, refer to the Custom Authentication Form Technical Note.

You can also change the title of the custom login form by following the instructions on this article: How to I change the title of my custom login form page?

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I had trouble by replacing the favicon.ico file. I put the new file to the tar but it was not displayed. During the boot secquence I noticed that the file was marked as too lage. This warning did not appear in any other log. So I reduced the file size from ca. 90 kb to 11 kb and everything was fine.

Christian Scheller

Thank you, your input is valuable to us.


The link to .tar file doesn't appear to work - "The website declined to show this page". Error still occurred after logging in with our Kemp account.

James Rago -- K360 Technical Product Manager

Sorry about that. The link should now be fixed.