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VMware Horizon View Client cannot connect due to SSL Negotiation Errors

There are a couple of reasons why this problem may occur. These are outlined in the sections below.
The SSL certificate is not trusted
VMware Horizon View allows policies regarding SSL handling and it is possible to block connections when the client believes there is an error with the SSL certificate presented. This is similar behavior to the certificate warnings seen in a web browser. For more information on the VMware policies and reasons that certificates may be invalid, refer to the VMware documentation found at the following link:
The full SSL certificate chain is not loaded on the LoadMaster
Ensure that all intermediate certificates are loaded on the LoadMaster. If intermediate certificates are missing, the Horizon View client will return an error (something like "The View Connection Server authentication failed. Initialization failed while connecting to the server.") but the browser-based access will work because the intermediate certificates are pre-loaded on the browser.

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Bjoern Schmidt

the link is dead, and the article was not helpful.



Nick Smylie

Hi @lizenzen

Agree the article is a little outdated and could be better. If you are getting cert errors though you will still most likely need a valid chain. Please see the articles below.

Beyond that though if you need more help I can open up a ticket with our support team if you like.