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How to interpret the Graph Values in the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI)

The graphs in the LoadMaster WUI are auto-scaling and are shown using SI magnitude units. The graph will show the prefix of the scaling factor used so the absolute value can be calculated if needed.

The possible scaling factors and their prefixes are listed in the table below:

Symbol Prefix Factor
P peta 10^15
T tera 10^12
G giga 10^9
M mega 10^6
k kilo 10^3
m milli 10^(-3)
µ micro 10^(-6)

To calculate the absolute or "real" value, take the value shown in the graph and multiply it by the scaling value.


A value of 200 is shown in connections per second graph in the LoadMaster WUI Home screen with a scaling factor of "m".

As listed in the table above, "m" stands for "milli". Therefore, to find the absolute value of connections per second for that time - the value of 200 needs to be multiplied by a factor of 10^(-3).

10^(-3) = 0.001

200 x 0.001 = 0.2 connection per second

This calculation shows that there is less than 1 connection per second and, due to the fact that the connection rate is so low, if the graph shows the absolute number of connections it will be just a straight line at zero and offer no useful information.

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