FREAK - CVE-2015-0204

A vulnerability (CVE-2015-0204) named "FREAK" (Factoring RSA EXPORT Keys) has been discovered which can facilitate a man-in-the-middle attack and force a browser to export a weak 512-bit key, which can be factored in just a few hours. 

KEMP has determined that all LoadMasters running version 7.1-24b are not affected by FREAK as the underlying OpenSSL version (1.0.1k) is not affected. All LoadMasters running version 7.0-10h are also not affected, because no SGC ciphers are included in the set of hardcoded cipher suites implemented.

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OpenSSL released new version as 1.0.1m, this is for mitigate some vulnerabilities related to the ASN1 interface.
Are these vulnerabilities affect to the current version of LoadMaster?