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Loadmaster / Flowmon Support

There are two methods of contacting our support team; via the Support Center and by phone.

Support Center:

The support center is the primary method of contacting our customer support team. This method uses email for corresponding with the support team. This is the preferred method because it allows for attachments and provides an event log when an issue cannot be resolved immediately.

There are two ways of contacting the support centre:

The Website

To access the website user interface on your browser;

Navigate to

After the webpage has loaded, You are required to sign in with an existing Kemp ID. 

Click  Sign In, enter your KEMP ID (the email you have registered) plus Password and proceed.



Submit a Request  takes you to a form where you create and post in tickets.

My Activities takes you to a dashboard where you monitor your ongoing tickets and interactions with KEMP support. 


From the Drop-Down list you can open a LoadMaster or Flowmon support ticket.

You must complete all of the required fields and click submit. A support case will now open on your behalf and a ticket number will be assigned.

By Phone:

You may phone the customer support team directly. Availability of phone support varies and depends on the products support level.

Access the contact information page by clicking the following link KEMP Support Global Phone Numbers

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