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How to Troubleshoot 802.3ad Link Aggregation Kemp Partner Errors

When using 802.3ad Link Aggregation on the LoadMaster interfaces, it is necessary that the link partner (usually a switch that the LoadMaster is connected to) is configured correctly to also use the same Link Aggregation protocol. If your switch (or other device) is not properly configured, you will not be able to connect to the LoadMaster on the bonded interface and a message will appear similar to this in the LoadMaster log files:
kernel: bonding: bnd0: Warning: No 802.3ad response from the link partner for any adapters in the bond.
If you experience these symptoms it is important to check that the switch supports 802.3ad and that the ports which the LoadMaster is connected to are properly configured as a Link Aggregation Group. The steps required to configure the ports will vary from switch to switch so if you are unsure you should consult with the switch manufacturer for further assistance.
If you find your switch does not support 802.3ad, or you need a workaround to provide high availability for the interfaces while investigating, you can change the bond type on the LoadMaster to Active-backup instead of 802.3ad. This mode should work on any switch type without special configuration.
If this still does not work, remove the bonded interface and try setting up the network using a single interface to ensure the problem is not related to something else on the network.

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