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How do I disable cipher suites which use RC4?

The KEMP LoadMaster has RC4 cipher suites which are enabled by default.

To disable these, follow the steps listed below:

  1. In the main menu, select Virtual Services > View/Modify Services.
  2. Click the Modify button on the relevant Virtual Service.
  3. Expand the SSL Properties section.
  4. In the Ciphers Set section, select the Default_NoRC4 Cipher Set from the Cipher Set Drop-down menu.

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Martin Rapp

With this setting I got an "A" rating instead of "B" on with the latest LTS firmware




I'm new to Kemp - using the Free Load Balancer

I'm publishing secure sites using Content Switching

Following the above steps to select Default_NoRC4 - I got an "A" rating for my sites