How do I disable cipher suites which use RC4?

The KEMP LoadMaster has RC4 cipher suites which are enabled by default. To disable these, follow the steps listed below (these steps apply to LoadMaster firmware version v7.12 or later):

    1. Access the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI) (use the shared IP address if you are using a High Availability (HA) pair).
    2. Click Virtual Services > View/Modify Services. This will display the list of Virtual Services.

    3. Click the Modify button of the SSL/TLS service on which you wish remove RC4 Ciphers from.
    4. Expand the SSL Properties section.
    5. In the Ciphers Set section, select the Default_NoRC4 Cipher Set  from the Cipher Set Drop-down menu.



The list of Cipher`s now available for this Virtual Service are now listed in the  Available Ciphers list.

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