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Logs showing "Core Power limit notification"

This article relates to core power notifications in syslog messages. 

This article applies to: Dell R320 LoadMasters, Bare Metal Socket 2011 (Sandy Bridge) Systems

Customers who run KEMP LoadMasters on a Dell R320, or similar Socket 2011 based computers, may see frequent log entries relating to Core Power limit events.

Log example:

kernel: CPU11: Core power limit notification (total events = 1)

This is a bug in Linux kernels prior to 3.10, later versions are fixed.

The event is generated when the CPU, which has been set to idle mode due to inactivity, is “woken up” as load is introduced. The syslog facility of this event is “Critical”, which is why under certain circumstances this event could raise an alarm when connected to a Pager system.

Further information can be found on the Dell Support site:



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