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UDP Virtual Service default gateway

It is not possible to set a default gateway on a UDP Virtual Service. To set the default gateway for a UDP Virtual Service, use this workaround:

  1. Create a TCP Virtual Service with the same IP address (the port is irrelevant).
  2. Do not add any Real Servers.
  3. Set the default gateway for that Virtual Service. It will also affect the UDP Virtual Service (i.e. the required one).

Note: Default gateways only work on IP addresses, so having two Virtual Services with the same IP address and different default gateways does not work.

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Niels van Kampen

Can the tcp service used for the gateway setting be disabled? This way the dashboards won't register the service as down.



Nick Smylie

Hi @niels

Great question! I just tried this out myself and if I disabled the TCP VS, it still routed correctly so you should be good. Any issues though reply here or open up a ticket with our support team.