Using GEO Load Balancing In Azure

The GSLB addon-pack (or GEO load balancing) is an additional feature of the LoadMaster that acts as a DNS responder for multiple sites. GEO offers the ability to move past the single data center, allowing for multi data center High Availability (HA). Even when a primary site is down, traffic is diverted to the disaster recovery site. Also included in GEO is the ability to ensure clients connect to their fastest performing and geographically closest data center.



To adequately distribute traffic among your multiple sites, you can also use  Location Based load balancing allows GEO to direct a client to a data center based on the client's country, continent or IP address range as defined by the created policies. If there is more than one site with the same country code, requests will be distributed in a round robin fashion to each of the sites. Location Based or Proximity based scheduling criteria will coincide well with the different regions of Azure distributing the traffic to the closest site to the client. Other DNS load balancing algorithms include round robin, weighted round robin, fixed weighting (DR Site), real server load, and proximity.

For more information on how to setup GEO inside of the LoadMaster, please refer to our deployment guide for GEO here.

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