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Implementing a URL Modification that includes a query string

A classic URL replacement will not work properly if we are trying to add the query string that includes "?" (question mark) in the URL.

The reason behind this behavior is that "?" is used also as a regex command and it is conflicting with the regex expression.

The equivalent ASCII character should be used instead (in Hx value).

The Hx equivalent for ? is "3f".

Refer to the following link for a list of all the ASCII characters:


Match all the entries on root (i.e. match and modify the URL, adding the following (/abc/def?1234=abcd).

The modified URL will be then:


This is the corresponding URL Modification Rule:

Match String: /^\/$/

Modified URL: /abc/def%3f1234=abcd


Note: The % symbol is needed in order to pass the Hx value to the LoadMaster.


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