KEMP360 Vision Customer Requirements

KEMP360 Vision is a proactive application delivery monitoring and visibility service provided by KEMP Technologies to help customers optimize their application infrastructure. It also provides an Incident management interface for monitoring Status, System Statistics and High Availability.

In order to enable this service there are a number of requirements that must be met before arranging deployment with the KEMP360 Vision team.

LoadMaster Requirements

  • High Availability (HA) Pair of KEMP LoadMasters or Single Loadmaster
  • LoadMasters covered by Premium Support or Premium-Plus Support

Platform Requirements

  • Virtual Machine environment (Hyper-V or VMware) with capacity to host the KEMP360 Vision Monitor instance (4GB, 2x CPU)

Networking Requirements

  • Outbound HTTPs (TCP Port 443) and Configuration Management (TCP Port 5367) to Kemp Technologies Monitoring Centre
  • SNMP access from KEMP360 Vision Monitor to the LoadMaster HA Pair. 

Contact Requirements

In order to receive alerts customers should provide one or more contact details

  • Email address for Automated Notifications.
  • Telephone contact for automated SMS.
  • Telephone contact and contact hours for phone call notifications
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